Well Don!

About Me

Well, you already know my name. What more do you want to know?

Education and Technical Aptitude

I won't go back so far that you fall asleep, but let me give you the highlights . . . .

I think my interest in computers started when I played Lemonade on an old Apple computer (new at the time) back in 4th grade. Playing an educational game on something as high tech as a personal computer was amazing stuff at the time. Fast forward about two years, and we got an IBM PC Jr. at home. Of course, even back then, I enjoyed reading the manual, playing with the features, and figuring out what the computer could do. Aside from playing fun games that came on 5.25" disks, I had fun making the screen change colors, drawing lines, and for big fun, drawing a colored square on a colored screen. Ahhh . . . the amazing things you could do with the BASIC programming language.

Well, the world has changed a bit since then. While in high school (Plano East Senior High School), I used a Mac to work on the school newspaper. By college, Word Perfect was making word processing an everyday thing, the Microsoft Windows gave PC users a friendlier operating system, and the World Wide Web started to gain some attention. While at A&M, I spent a brief time as a computer science major. It was my last major before I settled into Recreation and Parks. I just didn't see myself in front of a computer 40 hours a week. It would seem that God has a funny sense of humor!


After college, I got a job teaching math and computer science at a small Christian school before going to work for Northwest Bible Church. While at Northwest, I helped a friend of mine with Northwest's newly developed website. She recognized my technical aptitude, and a few months later, I went to work for EDS maintaining some pretty cool websites. (See my References & Work for more about that.) After about a year of learning all about web design and development at EDS, I went to work as a consultant for Tactica Technology Group. There I spent about a year doing web development, mocking up websites, and building HTML prototypes.

et cetera

As you might surmise from my site, I enjoy laughing. I think a good sense of humor is a necessity for maintaining sanity.

More critical than that, I believe that Jesus Christ is critical for surviving in the world today. As much as I enjoy helping folks, it just doesn't compare to authentically living out my faith. If I can ever encourage you by sharing how Jesus has changed my life, please let me know!