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Web Development

My desire in doing web development is to give small businesses, non-profits, churches, and ministries an affordable means to have a website of high quality. Many web designers and developers desire to make sites flashy, fancy, and even flamboyant. I believe strongly in the premise, "Keep it simple." The websites which I have worked on that received the most compliments were those that were straightforward, well-organized, and yes, simple.

My forte is not graphic design. If you are starting from scratch on implementing a website, I would be happy to do some simple design work for you, work with your graphic designer, work with Amy Stewart of Stewart Design (or your own graphic designer), or implement a template such as those at Round the Bend Wizards.

I also recognize that you are not a web developer yourself or you probably wouldn't need my services. So how do you keep your site updated? Quite simply, the answer is that you don't. I'll take care of that for you. Whether your site needs daily, weekly, or monthly updates, I can work out a solution to make sure that your site's visitors keep coming back.


Web development generally runs $100 / hour with a 30 minute minimum. More regular clients will not be held to the 30 minute minimum. Larger website implementations may be bid for a flat charge instead of an hourly rate.